To achieve a state of health for all the people of Malawi that would enable them to lead a quality and productive life


To provide strategic leadership for the delivery of a comprehensive range of quality, equitable and efficient health services to all people in Malawi by creating an enabling environment for health promoting activities


MOH headquarters are at Capital Hill which is the hub of Government Offices in Lilongwe. MOH owns and manages more than half (589) of all health facilities in Malawi, including tertiary (central hospitals), secondary (district and community hospitals), and primary (health centres, health posts, dispensaries, community structures) facilites. 


As of end 2014, the Ministry of Health had a total of 28,930 staff members (all levels). About 60% of these were health workers and health extension (medical doctors, clinical officers, nurses / midwives, medical assistants, health surveillance assistants, etc.).

Pie chart of MOH staff by cardre
                                                       Malawi MOH staff (2014)

Essential Health Package

The Essential Health Package (EHP) includes cost-effective interventions for the most common illnesses and causes of death among adults and children. Thirteen priority diseases are identified in the EHP: HIV/AIDS, Acute Respiratory Infections, Malaria, Diarrhoeal diseases, Perinatal conditions, Non Communicable Diseases including trauma, Tuberculosis, Malnutrition, Cancers, Vaccine preventable diseases, Mental illness and epilepsy, Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), and Eye, ear and skin infections.